November 7, 2010

Wordpress Guru- Optimizing Your Blog Theme For SEO

When choosing a blog theme, it's not just about appearance. In fact,
some of the fanciest, most attractive blog themes are the absolute worst in
terms of SEO. When you're ready to pick a theme for your blog, there are a
few things you should keep in mind.

Choose a simple, clean theme

Complicated themes and graphics can actually detract from the point of your
website. If your visitors have to think to hard about how to find the content
that they need, they'll simply navigate elsewhere. Instead of focusing on a
graphically intensive theme, choose a simple theme with clean code. This
makes it easier for the search engines to find your SEO optimized content.

Disable widgets

Widgets can be fun to set up and customize, but they're also very distracting
to both human and robot visitors. Wherever possible, disable the widgets on
your blog. After all, your visitors don't really need to know who was there
before them, how many followers you have, or what the weather's like in your
home town this week. Instead, focus on generating high quality, effective
content that they'll keep coming back to read.

Generate a Sitemap

Whether you use a plugin to help or do so manually by adding the proper code,
it makes good sense to generate a sitemap. This map allows search engines to
find what they're looking for on your site quickly and easily, which helps boost
your ranking.

Keep Keyword Density in Mind

No matter what type of content you're adding to your site, it makes good
sense to keep keyword density in mind. This is especially important when
you're adding META tags, descriptions, captions, or titles. Choose a few of your
main keywords, and be sure to include them in these types of content strings
for best results.

For the best possible SEO results, be sure to choose a clean, simple theme. I
personally like the themes that Tyson Faulkner designs, but there are other
simple themes available, as well. No matter which theme you decide to go
with, it's important to do your best to make your website look like as much
like a static site (and as little like a blog) as possible.


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