October 27, 2010

Get free back links for your web designing website or blog

Get free back links for your web designing website or blog. Everyone knows getting related back links is not and easy task. So I decided to help a littlie bit to my entire friend whose have web designing website or blog. They can use list of this entire site for getting related back links for blog and website.

I really work hard to find this entire site for my blog now I am sharing list of this website with all my blogger friends so use it. You can also use this list for Seo process—











http://www. petra-weiss.com












October 25, 2010

Basics of adsense – adsense newbie

Adsense is easiest way to make smart passive income from home. Adsense is a well known PPC (pay per click) program. Adsense is one of most popular and easiest ways to make money online. But most adsense publisher gets failed in adsense. Adsense follows 80%-20% Rule 80% adsense publisher are failed in adsense only 20% publisher achieve success in adsense. Those 20% people are able to create smart passive income online.

What is adsense?

Adsense is a PPC (pay per click) program. In adsense you have to monetize your website or blog with adsense. When you finish monetizing adsense in your website or blog then you able to see some ads appeared on your blog or website. Like this—


When any genuine visitor or reader comes to your website or blog and clicked on ads you will get paid.

How to start with adsense—

If you want to start making passive income with adsense then you only required two things one is adsense account and another is website or blog if you have this two things then you can start making good amount of passive income with adsense. You get very easily second (blog) thing but getting first thing (adsense account) is not an easy task. If you don't have adsense account then you have to digg your pocket and pay some money to any adsense account opening expert. Or you can simply drop an email to this email id for getting your own adsense account.

How can we earn with adsense—

You can make large amount of passive income with adsense if you do it in proper way. If you do something wrong then your adsense account get disable by Google. The simplest trick to increase your adsense earning is try to drive traffic from search engine to your blog or website. if your website or blog have traffic coming then adsense ads have higher chance to get clicked. To achieve success in online money making system is drive traffic to your website or blog. Because everyone knows traffic=money. So try to drive traffic at your website or blog. If you don't know how to do it then don't tack tension just read this section of my blog I will post all genuine tricks to drive traffic from search engine. So wait and read-

Why adsense account get disabled?

The major problem is that you do something wrong with advertiser or Google feels your website is generating fraud clicks then Google disabled your adsense account. So how can you save your adsense account? If you want save your adsense account to get banned by Google then avoid this thing—

  1. Don't mess with adsense ad code
  2. Don't use fraud click program
  3. Avoid click exchange group
  4. Don't tell anyone to click your adsense ads
  5. Don't send email to anyone from asking click
  6. Don't use chat screen of social networking site to generate clicks on your website or blog
  7. Avoid using traffic exchange program
  8. Don't ask for clicks in your website or blog

If you want to increase life your adsense account then doesn't try all these thing if you try this then your adsense account is going to banned by Google. So be careful Do careful

In my next article We talk About How to Create Adsense Friendly Blog So BE ready for my next article.

If you have any doubt about adsense then feel free to contact me my contact details are below—

Personal contact No- 919768282026

Email Id- Enrique321singh@gmaildotcom

Facebook Profile Url- www.facebook.com/singhsachit

Linked in profile Url- http://in.linkedin.com/in/singhsachit

Have happy adsense Earning.

October 22, 2010

Get 300 back links for your blog or website by 2 pieces of articles—

This post was published to Passive Incomes - Earn Smar... at 9:53:41 PM 10/22/2010

Get 300 back links for your blog or website by 2 pieces of articles—



Have you ever thought about getting 300 back links by only 2 pieces of articles? If you thought about it then its time to make it real. for getting ranking in search engine back links are very important imagine in how much time you will take to make 300 back links for your website or blog.

Everyone knows article submission is most powerful method to make back links for your website. But many of article submission website tack to much time to get your article approve by site. But don't tack tension I m going to share with you my powerful list of instant approval article directory. After submitting your article to this entire site your article gets approved by 2 or 3 hours or most of sites are provide instant approval.

So here is list of 300 instant approval article website-

http://www.articlesboss.com/ PR 3

http://www.articlewolf.com/ PR 3 No Follow Link

http://articoolz.com/ -PR3

http://www.lonad.com/ PR 2

http://www.farticle.net/ PR 2

http://www.articlesbook.com/ -PR 2

http://articlesupport.com/ -PR 2

http://www.7articles.com/ PR 2

http://submit-article.net/ PR 2

http://articleart.com/ - PR 1

http://submitfreearticles.com/ -PR 1

http://tusaw.com/ PR 1

http://www.siyb.info/ PR 1

http://dixini.com/ PR 1

http://www.articlevision.com/ PR 0

http://articlewarriors.com/ PR 0

http://publishmyself.net/ -PR0

http://freearticlehouse.com/ -PR1

http://www.ezinearticlebase.com/ -PR1

http://www.articlebase.com/ -PR 7

http://www.nashvillechroniclestn.com/ -PR0

http://www.freearticlesinc.com/ -PR3

http://www.isubmiturl.org - New

http://www.iaddurl.org - New

http://www.tfos.info - New

http://www.realestatedirectoryz.info – New

www.travelsdirectory.com - PR4

www.finance.com - PR4

www.finance.com - PR4

www.autodirectory.com - PR3

www.telecomdirectory.com - PR4

www.designdirectory.com - PR4

http://www.freearticlecollection.com –PR0

http://www.ideamarketers.com – PR5

http://www.ezinearticlesubmit.com – PR0

http://www.ezinearticlesubmit.com –PR0

http://www.articlesubmit2.com – PR0





















































http://www.ehow.com/ 8
http://www.goarticles.com/ 6
http://www.ezinearticles.com/ 6
http://www.articlesbase.com/ 6
http://www.a1articles.com/ 5
http://www.articlealley.com/ 5
http://www.articleblast.com/ 5
http://www.212articles.com/ 4
http://www.goarticles.com/ 4
http://www.articlesnatch.com/ 4
http://www.pubarticles.com/ 4
http://www.wonder-directory.com/ 4
http://www.2articles.com/ 3
http://www.articleszoom.org/ 3
http://www.getyourcontent.com/ 3
http://www.ideamarketers.com/ 3
http://www.qwesz.com/ 3
http://www.theegarage.com/ 3
http://www.zchand.com/ 3
http://www.extext.org/ 3
http://www.fourpxarticles.com/ 3
http://www.990m.com/ 3
http://www.myfreearticledirectory.com/ 3
http://freearticlehq.com/ 2
http://www.amazines.com/ 2
http://www.americanahost.com/ 2
http://www.articleoutpost.com/ 2
http://www.articlesbd.com/ 2
http://www.articlesfreedirectory.com/ 2
http://www.articlesshare.com/ 2
http://www.articlesupport.com/ 2
http://www.articlesxarticles.com/ 2
http://www.articlexplore.com/ 2
http://www.clickeasyarticles.com/ 2
http://www.damima.com/ 2
http://www.ganazat.com/ 2
http://www.halazona.com/ 2
http://www.livearticles.org/ 2
http://www.livefromsecondlife.com/ 2
http://www.pacificarticles.com/ 2
http://www.qualityarticles.com/ 2
http://www.shikapika.com/ 2
http://www.smasharticles.com/ 2
http://www.stakoza.com/ 2
http://www.stupidarticles.com/ 2
http://www.tarabiza.com/ 2
http://www.todayarticles.net/ 2
http://www.ads-get-read.co.uk/ 1
http://www.anymortgagesloans.com/ 1
http://www.articleart.com/ 1
http://www.articlepick.com/ 1
http://www.articletrunk.com/ 1
http://www.directoryarticles.com/ 1
http://www.siyb.info/ 1
http://www.us-articles.com/ 1
http://www.wemonade.com/ 1
http://www.emptyblog.com 1
http://www.globalprosperity.info 1
http://www.nichebk.com 1
http://www.postarticles.info 1
http://www.articlefield.com/ 1
http://www.extext.org 1
http://ezinarticle.info/ 1
http://bmarticles.com/ 1
http://www.articles.jp 0
http://galleryofarticles.com/ 0
http://www.aarticles.info/ 0
http://volumearticles.com 0
http://www.madearticles.com/ 0
http://articledirectory365.com/ 0
http://directlinkarticles.com/ 0
http://www.indoocean.com 0
http://www.littleinternet.co.uk 0
http://www.articlebin.com/ 0
http://www.articlebuzzard.com/ 0
http://www.articlecafe.net/ 0
http://www.articlecat.com/ 0
http://www.articlemotron.com/ 0
http://www.articlesonline.org/ 0
http://www.articlestudy.com/ 0
http://www.articlezones.com/ 0
http://www.bestarticledirectory.info/ 0
http://www.best-article-directory.info/ 0
http://www.blogruv.com/ 0
http://www.earticlesonline.com/ 0
http://www.earticleworld.com/ 0
http://www.ezarticleslive.com/ 0
http://www.goarticlesubmit.com/ 0
http://www.nichevolumes.com/ 0

http://www.uploadarticles.com/ 0
http://www.www.articleexpose.com/ 0
http://www.365articles.com/ 0
http://articles.usewho.com/ 0



So submit your article in this entire site and get 300 incoming links for your website and blog. so comment

below for your suggestion.

October 18, 2010

Make passive income by writing articles- work less or earn more

Have you ever thought of making money by just writing for others and then able to receive enormous amount of money. If you write for other they will pay you for per article you write. This method is one of most popular method of making passive income and it's known as article writing. You can make thousand of dollar per month by writing articles for others.

Article writing is most popular way to generate passive income you can write for your own blog and monetize your blog with adsense when any genuine visitor click on ads you will get paid. Let me tell you how you can use your article writing talent for generating huge amount of passive income or you able to create good passive income source.

Article writing for generating passive income 1—

Freelancer—you can work as freelance article writer for other people who don't have time to write article. You can this type of peoples by using this sites linked in, freelancer, elance, etc.

Write article for websites---

You can write article for any website and they will pay for your writing talent here is list of some site-- hubpages and flixya or xomba, Ehow, squidoo. You can use this site to make a very good amount of passive income. So what r u waiting for starts working now?

Write for your own blog—

You can write article for your own blog or website then monetize your blog or website by Google adsense or other PPC advertiser any when visitor comes to your site and clicks in your blog or website ad you will get paid. But getting adsense account is not an easy task if you want help in opening adsense account you can contact me on this email id- enrique321singh@gmaildotcom

Here Is list of PPC advertiser—

Bid advertiser


Info links


Speedy ads etc.

Write article and make money by submitting it into article directory or your own blog and website—

You can make passive income by writing article about any product and then submit it into thousand of article directory or post it on your own blog or website. When any readers of your article or blog posts buy your promoted product you will get commission. I know you have a doubt where I can found this product. You can found this product on any affiliate marketing website or if you don't know any affiliate website then you can use this three most popular affiliate marketing platform click bank, commission junction, cpa leads etc.

Make money by selling you article—

Write 10 or 20 articles in single topic. And then packed it in one pack and sell it online. Give authority to your buyers they can use this article as they want to use it. This method knows as Plr article selling get more information about < a href=" http://smartpassiveincomes.blogspot.com/2010/10/make-passive-income-by-selling-plr.html'" >how to sell plr articles. </a>

Another way to make passive income by selling articles—

Write 10 to 20 articles in one topic then make it eBook and sell it online. This method is very easy as compared to others. By using this method you can easily make thousand of dollars.

Take your adsense earning to its highest point— work less earn more

Every adsense publisher wants to increase their adsense earning to its full potential. But they don't know how to do this. If you don't know then don't tack tension I am going to tell you one surefire way to increase your adsense earning. So here is an idea to increase your adsense earning you able to see effect in 2 or 3 day just read it carefully. The way of increasing adsense earning is tacking part into all adsense revenue sharing sites.

By tacking parts in all adsense revenue sharing program you able to make good amount of passive income by adsense. Suppose you start working with 10 0r 20 revenue sharing sites then the possibility of your ads get clicked by visitor is increased by 60% as compared to your blog.

In online world you find many types of sites that shares revenue with adsense. You can find forums, article, blogs, video, image, text; slide or document etc. for tacking part into adsense revenue sharing sites you required only two things. One is adsense account and another is list of good revenue sharing sites. If you don't have any of these two things then don't tack tension you will get adsense account by contacting me on my email id—enrique321singh@gmaildotcom

Or second thing you will get below just keep reading.

List of good adsense revenue sharing sites—


  • Squidoo- this a social media site and shares a good revenue with adsense-100%


  • Funadvice- advice and answer giving site-100%


  • Google earth hacks- Google earth hack forum- 75%


  • Hubpages- write about any thing that you like- 10%


  • Trend hunter- report trends that you find- 100%


  • Senserley yours- community- unknown


  • That's pretty dump- highlight the stupid things- 100%


  • Vbux- article and blog site- 75%


  • You too say- community- 50%



  • Blogevolve- blogging community—50%


  • Blogger party- blogging community-50%


  • Bloggeries blog forum- a blog forum-50%


  • Writing compus- blogging community-60%



  • Sound childs- music sale forum-95%


  • Rate it all- consumer rating -50%



  • Music nerds- cd review site-100%




  • Articles Revenue – Write articles for them – 100% *reduced later unknown percentage



  • GuideDawgs.com – User submitted advice and guidance articles – 40 to 55%


  • MeshPlex – Tutorial Database – 100%










  • HTTPPoint – Webmaster forum, SERP and SEO forums – 50%




  • Name Pros – Buy, sell, and discuss domain names – 50%




  • Webdigity – SEO, webmaster, affiliate – 100%









After tacking part in all revenue sharing site you able to make good amount of passive income. So tack part and create history.

October 16, 2010

The digital camera of flip flips me out

The digital camera of flip is really a good camcorder and camera packed into one sweet package. The flip ultra HD has 2 hours recording time and also comes with rechargeable batter, it also have feature of tacking regular AA battery. Flip digital camera have inbuilt software inside that allows you to send your videos to YouTube, MySpace, or email your friends and family. You don't need to install any software in flip digital camera to do all this cool stuff.

How to use flip ultra HD camera –

First thing install the rechargeable battery or pickup 2 AA battery. Installing the battery is little tricky because most people used to stuff the sliding from side these don't. Unlock the bottom then the whole front cover comes off and you install batteries at there.

If you are using Rechargeable batteries let it charge for several hours then press on button which is located on the side wait about 3 seconds then when it says ready in green push the big red button in the middle and red lettered count begun that's it, you are recording.

When you think now its time to stop recording your video then press big red button again, whoooooooooo its to easy. You can zoom by pressing up arrow key and un zoom by pressing down arrow key. While recording left are right button do nothing. At the time of playing your recorded video just presses up and down arrow to control the volume. The sound when you playback your video may not seems like to much but when you upload it to your computer then you able to here every sound in background trust me.

You can delete video right from flip easily, when you ready to edit just plug in the flip in your computer by using built-in and software will popup. Edit your video is so simple you can directly upload it to video sites like YouTube. Or you can also email it or make greeting cards and tack snap shot right from video. I using flip from one week I really enjoy it.

I write about anything which comes in my mind right now I write about my new flip ultra hd camera.

Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Make passive income by selling plr article online ---

Many people want to make passive income by just doing simple things so they comes to right place at right time you can make passive income by selling plr (private label rights)article. I tell you how to do in right way to make continuous passive income source by selling plr article. So read this article and able to make good amount of money online. Let me tell you about plr articles—

What are plr articles?

From digital marketer point of view, plr articles are a very useful way to get content for your website or blog. Basically, they are nothing but pre-written article, and sold too many customers that you have give the permission to put your name and use it on your website or blog. Every plr seller has different rights for the article. Normally you able to repackage plr article into blog post, articles and eBooks and you can use it many way.

Plr article come in form of blog post, article, reports or sometimes it also comes in the form of template. By buying plr article people can reduce the cost of ghost article writer. But the wrong thing is only in plr article is it wont be unique. So best way to use plr just rewrite it little bit then post it..

Why you should sell plr articles—

The most viral factor is of selling plr article is you can sell a single pack to many customers. That means you can make lots of passive income with selling plr article. Suppose ghost writer charge 1$ per plr article, if I sell 5o copies then you able to made 50$ with one article. That's not limited you can sell it to many customer or make more passive income.

Building a passive income—

Building a good passive income is goal of every online or digital marketer. Providing Services to client is also good way to make money, but selling plr article is like best of both worlds. You can write a pack of article and able to make chunk amount of passive income. This idea is same like you writing for revenue sharing sites. And able to make money.

Setting up plr site or blog—

  • Domain name – choose your domain name which include keywords coming in like plrnet.com, getplr.com, buyplr.com etc.
  • Research --- research on internet which type of article are more popular and have more prices and choose it write about it and sell it or earn.
  • Website-- Set website using Cms platform or make blog to sell it.
  • Sales copy—most important work is setting up sales copy.
  • Download method – use Dlguard is quite expansive but trust worthy.
  • Write your first pack and sell it.

How to write plr article—

Writing plr article is same like writing web content. Only difference is this content is made for other people to use. You should include all this point while writing your plr article—

Subheading throughout the article

Bullet points

Short paragraph

Include keyword in article title or body

Always write something informative and good

So keep in mind all this point and start making good amount of passive income online. So try to make as good and informative article as possible and give the authority to buyer so he can use his name on the article that is written by don't accept credit from him. So best of luck for creating good passive income source.

October 15, 2010

12 great YouTube Url trick you should know about

Everyone knows YouTube is third most popular site in world and second most popular search engine in world so imagine how much traffic YouTube is having. In YouTube 24 hours video get uploaded by users. Let me tell you something interesting about YouTube instead of searching and playing in YouTube here is some YouTube Url tricks that will help you to download the YouTube videos and lots more. So lets start with YouTube tricks—

List of YouTube tricks—

YouTube trick 1—

For viewing high quality videos in YouTube—

YouTube give you great option to switch to high quality videos for if it available for most of videos. Anyway you can check this by doing simple YouTube trick just append this code in YouTube Url—

  1. '&fmt=18(stereo, 480 x 270 resolution) -- medium quality
  2. '&fmt=22 (stereo, 1280 x 720 resolution) – higher quality

YouTube tricks 2—

For embedding high quality videos in YouTube —

Above trick is for playback if you want to embed same quality video for you blog and website then you need to append this in embed code for getting higher quality video—

  1. "&ap=%2526fmt%3D18 -- for medium quality
  2. "&ap=%2526fmt%3D22″ -- for higher quality

YouTube trick 3—

Cut the boring part in video and start form interesting part—

It means if you want to send or play any video in middle suppose if your videos is 9 minute long you want to start playing from 5 minute or 5 minute 34 second then you have append this code and video is going to start from that which you mention—

1-- #t=05m34s (#t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds) to the end of the Url.

YouTube tricks 4—

For hiding search box in YouTube—

For hiding search box from your embed video just embed this in embed Url or suppose you sending your video to your client or you don't want he or she search for related videos then just append this code in Url—

1-- '&showsearch=0

YouTube tricks 5—

For embedding only part of video –

Just append '&start=70 to skip first 70s of the video. In general you can modify the value after start= to the number of seconds you want to skip the video for.


YouTube trick 6—

Insert auto play feature in embed video—

Normally when you goes to any page and you hit the play button then video start to play for automat your video just append this code in your embed Url—

1-- '&autoplay=1

YouTube tricks 7—

Loop your embed video—

If you insert this code in embed code then video goes in loop and play again and again—

1-- '&loop=1

YouTube trick 8—

Disable related videos in your embed video—

Suppose you publish your video in your blog or website and don't want to show other peoples related video then just append this code in your embed code—

1-- '&rel=0

YouTube trick 9—

Bypass YouTube regional filtering—

Some of videos are only available in some parts of world. Your ip address is used for determine your location and allow or deny access to video. Think if you can play those video also then your are in luck just append this code in Url and you able to do this.

1-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<somecode>
just change the form of Url to--

YouTube tricks 10—

For downloading the YouTube videos—

You can easily download your favorite YouTube video by appending little code in Url –

just change the form of Url to--

YouTube trick 11—

Another trick for downloading YouTube video—

You can easily download your favorite YouTube video by appending little code in Url –

just change the form of Url to--

YouTube tricks 12—

Flipping the video—

You can confuse people by flipping the YouTube video for this you have to append a small piece of code—

1-- &flip=1

enjoy and try all this code .

October 14, 2010

Create passive income with hubpages

It shocking dude if you don't know you can make money with hubpages. If you don't know what is hubpages let me tell you hubpages allows you to create page or hubs in any topic in which you are interested. You can make passive income in hubpages by two-way one is affiliate marketing and other is Google adsense. Let me clear what is affiliate marketing and Google adsense how you can make money with it?

Affiliate marketing in hubpages—

Affiliate means you are promoting something it could be product or services it could be anything. Suppose you write one hub on make passive income or passive income source in your hub you able to see link on some word when any reader click on that link or buy the product you will get commission. It will show related products to your hub.

In hubpages you find two types of affiliate program one is EBay or another is Amazon both affiliate program is very strong and good passive income generator.

Google adsense—

Google adsense is also known as PPC program (pay per click). How Google adsense work?

Suppose you create new hub in passive income or make money online. Then after setting Google adsense in you hub it will shows related ads in side or upper portion of your hub when genuine visitor clicks on this ads you will get paid. But the main point is getting Google adsense account is not a easy task. If you signup for adsense though hubpages it have 50% chance to get approved by Google. So try if you're lucky enough to get your account if you get your account then you able to make lots of passive income with hubpages.

Tips for improving your chance if getting approved by Google through Hubpages—

Write unique content

No spelling mistake

No Punctuation mistake

Make as much as informative or helping content

Spread your hubpages urls in internet

Submit same article into different places with the link of you hub

So use this tips before applying for adsense because adsense checks status of your hub how much traffic you getting and how's your content if they found any mistake they simply disapproved your account applications. So make some status of your hub in internet then apply for adsense after doing all this adsense application is defiantly going to approved.

After getting your adsense account you able to make good amount of passive income and able to be your own boss so all the best for your passive income earning.

October 13, 2010

Make good amount of passive income by selling website or blog template

If you are a very good web designer, you probably realize the importance of keeping your self very busy not only work for new customer also work for old customers. Unfortunately here many website designers get failed. That's why their business in not able to reach its full potential. Selling website and blog template is good idea to make some decent amount of passive income.

What is website template—?

Website templates are common layouts that are meant to work with different kind of website. All hard coding of website template is done by professional or good designer with keep in mind that consumer is able to customize it in its own way. So that consumer is able add its own graphics and content in your templates. The main key is kept in mind at the time of creating website templates to give absurdity to your customer.

How you can sell templates online—

After creating website templates here comes selling part with the help of selling templates you can generate a good amount of passive income. Create a website in which you sell templates. In your website create 2 sections in which you give some free templates or in other one you give pro templates.

Show case of your website design—

You are selling website templates so you need to incorporate showcase in your website. You can do this by Display image of each template, so visitor or buyer is able to see how they look. Give some description and features of your website templates. Or you can also give preview option for your templates.

Make sure your design is unique—

Create some interesting and simple looking templates because you already know in this immerging field you find more and more competitors. It like you standing in crowd or trying to notice by other person which is impossible until you do something unique.

Create different kind s of templates because you know different people have different choices. So keep in mind all this and create all kinds of templates simple look, abstract, anime, grunge etc.

Offer some additional services—

Offering different kinds of services or offers are going to help you generate more sales that mean you are able to earn more passive income. You can offer this types of offers like search engine friendly design or cool looking graphics design.

Promote your website to get more sells-

Promote you website to get more visitors and try to convert visitors into your customers. Because you already know traffic is equal to money if you get lots of traffic that means you are making lots of passive income. Do Seo of your website to getting more traffic.

For more information please visit this site—


October 11, 2010

Some easy way to generate smart passive income ideas

Earning good amount of passive income is a goal or dream for most of people. But many of them failed because they don't know where to start. We are not trained by our school to how to generate passive income, we only know how to get job and we get training in school for this. As mature people most of us find ourselves running in the same cat race as everyone else, wondering how we reach there and if we reach there is way out.

Of course there is always way out. However, many option required to invest lots of money, a lot of time, or some illegal activities. None of these are appealing for average person. Let me show you some of easy passive income ideas that generates good amount of money, and they don't require lots of work also its completely legal.

Passive income idea 1—article writing

Article writing is very popular method to earn good amount of residual passive income. Site like hubpages, squidoo, associated content, pay you good amount of passive income. Site payment is based on how many visitor your article gets and how many times ads are clicked by visitor that are going to show with your article. Writing article is very easy and fun full you can write your article on any topic. So start making smart passive income with article writing.

Passive income idea 2- affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is little bit same like article writing the different between is you have to promote product in your article when someone buy that product which you are promoting you get commission paid this method is second most popular method of generating smart passive income. You can also use classified sites to selling your products. The best affiliate site is click bank and commission junctions just gives a try and see what happened.

Passive income ideas 3--- Google adsense

Google adsense is very popular PPC (pay per click program) using Google adsense you able to earn very good amount of passive income. In Google adsense you required passive income blog. Passive income blog means the blog is spicily design for adsense. Getting Google adsense account is not an easy task. Just give a try if you are lucky then you get one if you not then contact someone else. So start making smart passive income with adsense.

These passive income examples are just for starter so you can make passive income easily and quickly. In net you found thousands of passive incomes generating ideas but this idea are best one and easy one. So choose any one of this and start working on it.

October 9, 2010

How can I make smart passive income with little or not money to start?

Whenever anyone tells me that they think to start a business. I always suggest them to start making money with passive income opportunity or find passive income source that generate good amount of money. Why do I always suggest passive income opportunity? The simple fact about passive income opportunities will continue to pay you per month as long as the person you referred into any business or you sold the product or services to remain customer to company. Let's see how powerful this can be?

Instead of working many hours in day at your jobs what you get nothing but only small piece of money which is not enough to pay your home bills. In passive income opportunities you will not have to work all day just 2 to 3 hours is enough to generate a big amount of money for yourself. Once you find good passive income source then you able to generate lots of money by just sitting at your home in front of your computer.

In online world you find so many passive income sources that will help you to create passive income. All you have to do just open your eyes while finding passive income source. Find one and get involve in program.

List of passive income ideas—

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Content writing
  3. Google adsense
  4. Product promotion
  5. Freelance Worker
  6. Blogging

By using all this passive income ideas you can make lots of money at sitting at your home. All this passive income ideas are very effective some of most popular like Google adsense and affiliate marketing. Choose one passive income idea that suits you and get involve in your passive income idea.

Most of people think just involving in passive income idea is enough to make money online but they not able to understand passive income ideas also required some effort so apply you effort and see your passive income growth like growing tree. It will take some time to understand your passive income ideas in which you are involved how your passive income source works and how can you generate money through this system. So keep patient and watch the system and learn the system.

Passive income example—

Let me tell you some of most popular and good income generating passive income example. Affiliate marketing is nothing but promotion of product or services when any visitor buys this you will get commission. Affiliate marketing is good passive income example. The most popular affiliate marketing programs are click bank or commission junction.

For more information about commission junction read this EBook-- http://bit.ly/9fjVVC

For more information about click bank read this EBook---


Other most popular passive income example is Google work from home. Google work from home is known as Google adsense. Google adsense is nothing but a PPC (pay per click) program. In Google adsense you got a ad place ad on your site or blog when genuine visitor comes to your blog and click on adsense ad you will get paid. Getting Google adsense account is not an easy task it required lots of effort. Affiliate marketing is lot easier as compare to Google adsense. Google adsense is second most popular passive income example. So choose any one of passive income example and get involve in system and start making money from home.

Create passive income—

Creating passive income is not as easy task most of digi marketer failed to generate smart passive income because they think involving in passive income source is enough they don't try to understand the system what system does and how system generate money for you. So understand passive income source and able to create passive income.

All the best for creating passive income from home

Passive income blog-

Passive income blog means suppose if you don't have money to create or buy website or other reason is you don't want to invest money at the starting point. Then passive income blog is one option is left with the help of passive income blog you able to create passive income as same as you creating for your site. Creating passive income blog is very difficult task. At time of creating passive income blog please keep this entire thing in your mind—

  1. Layout of blog
  2. Look and feel of blog
  3. Post
  4. Name of blog
  5. Sitemap
  6. Robots

Keep this entire thing in your mind and create passive income generating killer blog.

So start making smart passive income don't waste your time because time is most suspicious thing is world you can get more money but you can not get more time so think about it and start working on it.

For more information please visit here-- http://smartpassiveincomes.blogspot.com/


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