October 14, 2010

Create passive income with hubpages

It shocking dude if you don't know you can make money with hubpages. If you don't know what is hubpages let me tell you hubpages allows you to create page or hubs in any topic in which you are interested. You can make passive income in hubpages by two-way one is affiliate marketing and other is Google adsense. Let me clear what is affiliate marketing and Google adsense how you can make money with it?

Affiliate marketing in hubpages—

Affiliate means you are promoting something it could be product or services it could be anything. Suppose you write one hub on make passive income or passive income source in your hub you able to see link on some word when any reader click on that link or buy the product you will get commission. It will show related products to your hub.

In hubpages you find two types of affiliate program one is EBay or another is Amazon both affiliate program is very strong and good passive income generator.

Google adsense—

Google adsense is also known as PPC program (pay per click). How Google adsense work?

Suppose you create new hub in passive income or make money online. Then after setting Google adsense in you hub it will shows related ads in side or upper portion of your hub when genuine visitor clicks on this ads you will get paid. But the main point is getting Google adsense account is not a easy task. If you signup for adsense though hubpages it have 50% chance to get approved by Google. So try if you're lucky enough to get your account if you get your account then you able to make lots of passive income with hubpages.

Tips for improving your chance if getting approved by Google through Hubpages—

Write unique content

No spelling mistake

No Punctuation mistake

Make as much as informative or helping content

Spread your hubpages urls in internet

Submit same article into different places with the link of you hub

So use this tips before applying for adsense because adsense checks status of your hub how much traffic you getting and how's your content if they found any mistake they simply disapproved your account applications. So make some status of your hub in internet then apply for adsense after doing all this adsense application is defiantly going to approved.

After getting your adsense account you able to make good amount of passive income and able to be your own boss so all the best for your passive income earning.


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