October 18, 2010

Take your adsense earning to its highest point— work less earn more

Every adsense publisher wants to increase their adsense earning to its full potential. But they don't know how to do this. If you don't know then don't tack tension I am going to tell you one surefire way to increase your adsense earning. So here is an idea to increase your adsense earning you able to see effect in 2 or 3 day just read it carefully. The way of increasing adsense earning is tacking part into all adsense revenue sharing sites.

By tacking parts in all adsense revenue sharing program you able to make good amount of passive income by adsense. Suppose you start working with 10 0r 20 revenue sharing sites then the possibility of your ads get clicked by visitor is increased by 60% as compared to your blog.

In online world you find many types of sites that shares revenue with adsense. You can find forums, article, blogs, video, image, text; slide or document etc. for tacking part into adsense revenue sharing sites you required only two things. One is adsense account and another is list of good revenue sharing sites. If you don't have any of these two things then don't tack tension you will get adsense account by contacting me on my email id—enrique321singh@gmaildotcom

Or second thing you will get below just keep reading.

List of good adsense revenue sharing sites—


  • Squidoo- this a social media site and shares a good revenue with adsense-100%


  • Funadvice- advice and answer giving site-100%


  • Google earth hacks- Google earth hack forum- 75%


  • Hubpages- write about any thing that you like- 10%


  • Trend hunter- report trends that you find- 100%


  • Senserley yours- community- unknown


  • That's pretty dump- highlight the stupid things- 100%


  • Vbux- article and blog site- 75%


  • You too say- community- 50%



  • Blogevolve- blogging community—50%


  • Blogger party- blogging community-50%


  • Bloggeries blog forum- a blog forum-50%


  • Writing compus- blogging community-60%



  • Sound childs- music sale forum-95%


  • Rate it all- consumer rating -50%



  • Music nerds- cd review site-100%




  • Articles Revenue – Write articles for them – 100% *reduced later unknown percentage



  • GuideDawgs.com – User submitted advice and guidance articles – 40 to 55%


  • MeshPlex – Tutorial Database – 100%










  • HTTPPoint – Webmaster forum, SERP and SEO forums – 50%




  • Name Pros – Buy, sell, and discuss domain names – 50%




  • Webdigity – SEO, webmaster, affiliate – 100%









After tacking part in all revenue sharing site you able to make good amount of passive income. So tack part and create history.


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