October 25, 2010

Basics of adsense – adsense newbie

Adsense is easiest way to make smart passive income from home. Adsense is a well known PPC (pay per click) program. Adsense is one of most popular and easiest ways to make money online. But most adsense publisher gets failed in adsense. Adsense follows 80%-20% Rule 80% adsense publisher are failed in adsense only 20% publisher achieve success in adsense. Those 20% people are able to create smart passive income online.

What is adsense?

Adsense is a PPC (pay per click) program. In adsense you have to monetize your website or blog with adsense. When you finish monetizing adsense in your website or blog then you able to see some ads appeared on your blog or website. Like this—


When any genuine visitor or reader comes to your website or blog and clicked on ads you will get paid.

How to start with adsense—

If you want to start making passive income with adsense then you only required two things one is adsense account and another is website or blog if you have this two things then you can start making good amount of passive income with adsense. You get very easily second (blog) thing but getting first thing (adsense account) is not an easy task. If you don't have adsense account then you have to digg your pocket and pay some money to any adsense account opening expert. Or you can simply drop an email to this email id for getting your own adsense account.

How can we earn with adsense—

You can make large amount of passive income with adsense if you do it in proper way. If you do something wrong then your adsense account get disable by Google. The simplest trick to increase your adsense earning is try to drive traffic from search engine to your blog or website. if your website or blog have traffic coming then adsense ads have higher chance to get clicked. To achieve success in online money making system is drive traffic to your website or blog. Because everyone knows traffic=money. So try to drive traffic at your website or blog. If you don't know how to do it then don't tack tension just read this section of my blog I will post all genuine tricks to drive traffic from search engine. So wait and read-

Why adsense account get disabled?

The major problem is that you do something wrong with advertiser or Google feels your website is generating fraud clicks then Google disabled your adsense account. So how can you save your adsense account? If you want save your adsense account to get banned by Google then avoid this thing—

  1. Don't mess with adsense ad code
  2. Don't use fraud click program
  3. Avoid click exchange group
  4. Don't tell anyone to click your adsense ads
  5. Don't send email to anyone from asking click
  6. Don't use chat screen of social networking site to generate clicks on your website or blog
  7. Avoid using traffic exchange program
  8. Don't ask for clicks in your website or blog

If you want to increase life your adsense account then doesn't try all these thing if you try this then your adsense account is going to banned by Google. So be careful Do careful

In my next article We talk About How to Create Adsense Friendly Blog So BE ready for my next article.

If you have any doubt about adsense then feel free to contact me my contact details are below—

Personal contact No- 919768282026

Email Id- Enrique321singh@gmaildotcom

Facebook Profile Url- www.facebook.com/singhsachit

Linked in profile Url- http://in.linkedin.com/in/singhsachit

Have happy adsense Earning.


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