October 18, 2010

Make passive income by writing articles- work less or earn more

Have you ever thought of making money by just writing for others and then able to receive enormous amount of money. If you write for other they will pay you for per article you write. This method is one of most popular method of making passive income and it's known as article writing. You can make thousand of dollar per month by writing articles for others.

Article writing is most popular way to generate passive income you can write for your own blog and monetize your blog with adsense when any genuine visitor click on ads you will get paid. Let me tell you how you can use your article writing talent for generating huge amount of passive income or you able to create good passive income source.

Article writing for generating passive income 1—

Freelancer—you can work as freelance article writer for other people who don't have time to write article. You can this type of peoples by using this sites linked in, freelancer, elance, etc.

Write article for websites---

You can write article for any website and they will pay for your writing talent here is list of some site-- hubpages and flixya or xomba, Ehow, squidoo. You can use this site to make a very good amount of passive income. So what r u waiting for starts working now?

Write for your own blog—

You can write article for your own blog or website then monetize your blog or website by Google adsense or other PPC advertiser any when visitor comes to your site and clicks in your blog or website ad you will get paid. But getting adsense account is not an easy task if you want help in opening adsense account you can contact me on this email id- enrique321singh@gmaildotcom

Here Is list of PPC advertiser—

Bid advertiser


Info links


Speedy ads etc.

Write article and make money by submitting it into article directory or your own blog and website—

You can make passive income by writing article about any product and then submit it into thousand of article directory or post it on your own blog or website. When any readers of your article or blog posts buy your promoted product you will get commission. I know you have a doubt where I can found this product. You can found this product on any affiliate marketing website or if you don't know any affiliate website then you can use this three most popular affiliate marketing platform click bank, commission junction, cpa leads etc.

Make money by selling you article—

Write 10 or 20 articles in single topic. And then packed it in one pack and sell it online. Give authority to your buyers they can use this article as they want to use it. This method knows as Plr article selling get more information about < a href=" http://smartpassiveincomes.blogspot.com/2010/10/make-passive-income-by-selling-plr.html'" >how to sell plr articles. </a>

Another way to make passive income by selling articles—

Write 10 to 20 articles in one topic then make it eBook and sell it online. This method is very easy as compared to others. By using this method you can easily make thousand of dollars.


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